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Bed/Chair Pads


To Saber Supplies Inc.

We are a supplier of fall prevention products and other equipment that services long term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, VA Nursing homes and private nursing homes. With our fall prevention products, you have the ability to customize the sensor pads and alarms to your needs.

Our pads are equipped made with an adhesive backing system that secures the pad in one position until it is moved. The adhesive backing can be reused. The pads are not made with PVC and all have the option of the RJ or Tight Lock connector. Our pads have the largest contact area of any other pad.

Saber Supplies Tough Guard Pads with the unique fastening system utilize technology that reduces moving parts within the device to provide a more reliable and less expensive solution for you the consumer and they are made in the United States of a non-polar and nonporous wax-based material with a low-energy surface.

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