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Bed/Chair Pads

Alarm Monitors

Alarm Monitors audibly alert staff of unwanted patient movement. The alarm is ‘Always On’ unless the batteries are removed.

When used with sensors or other manufacturer’s alarm pads, the monitor provides an audible indication of unwanted patient movement.

When a patient moves from a bed or a chair, the alarm monitor sounds. When the patient returns to the sensor pad or the ‘Alarm Cancel’ button is depressed, the alarm resets to an active status. (similar functions are provided when used in a floor pad or pull-string configuration).

All Alarms

Standard Alarm

Standard All in One

Features and Benefits:

 • Reliable, made-in-the-USA design and quality construction.


 • Long-life: >6 months typical with 9v replaceable battery.


 • Robust ‘alarm cancel/reset’ push button or magnetic key fob ‘alarm cancel/reset’ function reduces patient caused alarm damage and failures.


 • High impact ABS case eliminates need for protective over-boot.


 • Can be configured to mount high-strength interlocking cable connection to eliminate broken connectors.



Alarm Types  


Our alarms are manufactured with your choice of the standard RJ (telephone plug) connector or our patent pending Tight Lock connector system that will eliminate the cord from being stripped or torn from the pad or the alarm box.


Standard Alarms: Available with pull string or, magnetic off switch

All in one Alarm: Available with magnetic off switch

Nurse Call Alarm: Available with magnetic off switch




 • Alarm cancels when patient re-applies pressure to the sensor pad – alarm will not stay on.


 • Eliminates false alarms.


 • Available in chair/bed, floor, and pull-string configurations.


 • “Always On” function – cannot be mistakenly turned off by patient or nurse.


 • Audible intermittent alarm tone is tuned for unobtrusive yet distinctly identifiable alerting. Higher decibel tone can be added.


 • Features a slim, compact size integral chair clip and buckle strap for easy mounting.


 • Audible low battery indication.


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